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Re: Max value for COD_COLORS

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Yes, please. (2 billion colors) 

Juan Cegarra wrote in message ...

>Internally we support up to 65535 colors but the color property receives

>a short so it can only be used with numbers up to 32767


>You can workaround this limitation by using the SendMsg method instead

>of the color property as follows


>N = 50000

>Chart.OpenDataEx COD_COLORS,N,0

>For i = 0 to N-1

> Chart.SendMsg 9,i,RGB(0,0,0)


>Chart.CloseData COD_COLORS


>We have never received a request/suggestion to support a bigger number

>of colors but if necessary the max number of colors could be increased

>to 2 billion colors in a future service pack.




>Juan Cegarra

>Software FX, Inc.

> http://support.softwarefx.com



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>CFXie2000, what is the greatest value in:

> Chart.OpenDataEx COD_COLORS,xxxxx,0


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