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Annotation Extensions corrupted after executing Import command

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I have a chart with annotations and a custom button on the toolbar to export 

these annotations.


If I initialize annotations, perform a data import and then try to add and

enable a custom toolbar command, I get an exception saying cannot reference

disposed object G. The data import is from a memory stream that does not

contain extensions.

For example:

//Init annotations

annotx = new AnnotationX();

annotx.Enabled = true;



//Import the settings

MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(config);

Import(FileFormat.XML, ms);


//Create a toolbar command for saving annotations

Command saveAnnotationCommand =


saveAnnotationCommand.Text = "Save Annotations";

int picIndex = annotx.Commands.AddPicture(imageList1.Images[0]);

saveAnnotationCommand.Picture = picIndex;

saveInsertPosition = annotx.ToolBarObj.Length;


annotx.ToolBarObj[saveInsertPosition] = saveAnnotationCommandID;

annotx.ToolBarObj.Commands[saveAnnotationCommandID].Enabled = false;

//<<Exception generated here

If I reinitialize annotations again after the Import command, the exception

is not generated and the annotations work normally.

The export command used prior to the import did not include extensions, so I

expected my existing annotations to be preserved.

MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream();

this.FileMask = FileMask.Colors |

FileMask.Elements |

FileMask.Fonts |

FileMask.General |

FileMask.Multi |


this.Export(FileFormat.XML, ms);

It would seem that the import command is changing the annotation extension

which requires me to reinitialize my toolbar even though the export stream

does not include annotations.

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