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Is the HotFix available? (that is capable of generating OLAP charts as images)

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I try to save the chart in gif format, using chartFX OLAP extensions in web

forms, but received "InvalidOperationException". Asking help through email,

as below is the response:


Subject: FW: No Account: Incident: 15018702 thin-client Solution to display



Chart FX OLAP is only supported for the .NET Control. We plan on releasing

a HotFix (not fully tested) version of the control that will allow the Olap

chart to be generated as an Image. Today, the version available does not

support the image generation.

For the .NET Client Control charts, your clients will be required to have

the .NET Framework installed.

Here is the HotFix URL, the version will be available tomorrow or the next

day that is capable of generating OLAP charts as images.

HotFix link:


Kind regards,


Software FX, Inc.


But it still throw "InvalidOperationException" after installing the HotFix.

Please see the attachment "hotfix.gif", it's what i see while linking the

HotFix url. Look like, all the olap part is not installed. Do I miss any

thing or the url is not right?

Best Regards,

-Daisy, Wu

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