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ChartFX Crashes in Vista, Need Upgrade Path

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Hi there,

My current version of ChartFX is 6.0.839.0. I develop for WinForms via

VS 2005.

I've been using ChartFX for WinForms for many years and it's run

flawlessly. Today, I installed the Beta2 release of Windows Vista and ran my

application. ChartFX now occasionally throws an exception deep inside the

painting code. It doesn't happen often. As far as I can tell, it's taking

place when the chart is forced to repaint itself due to another application

window being dragged so as to reveal part of the chart.

In any case, Vista is in beta so I know I can't complain, but it got me

to thinking about upgrade paths. I'm a bit confused by all of the different

versions that you're offering. I don't mind paying for the latest version so

long as my previous code compiles. What's the latest and greatest version of

CFX/WinForms that supports the same API that I'm using today? Have you been

testing it using Vista at all? I don't (neccessarily) need it to support all

of the cool transparency features of Vista. My only desire is that it

supports the 6.0.* API.



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