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Embedding the run-time license

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Recently I've purchased a developer license of ChartFX for .NET (WinForms

only). Unfortunately, I don't use Visual Studio (but only command line +

.NET SDK + Subversion + jEdit as a text editor).

It seems that if I used Visual Studio, then the ChartFX component itself

would embed the required license into my *.exe file in design time. But I

have no Visual Studio.

Is it possible for me to embed the license manually, or with help of some

script? For example, I use NMAKE to build the application.

Frankly speaking, I didn't think that the requirement to have Visual Studio

could be so important for your product. Please, help me to solve this task.


David Sorokin

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I'm sorry for the inconvenience and borrowing the time. I've found a

suitable solution:


Now I guess that I have to contact Software FX to obtain authorization to

do this procedure manually...


David Sorokin

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