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Suggestions for creating a custom properties dialog.

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Good afternoon,

I would like to know if you have any suggestions for implementing a custom

properties dialog. A number of components used within the existing dialog

seem like clear candidates for reuse (Gallery/Marker/Shape/Color choosers,

3D rotation control, etc.); are any of these exposed at some level and may

we use them?

Thanks for the help / suggestions.


If you are curious some of the reasons I plan on implementing a custom dlg

include (in case this might help with any future planning of this UI)

* X & Y axis pages not visible at the same time (I noticed one post where

someone else was effectively requesting this)

* No "series chooser" to allow for the properties of multiple series to be

change w/ one dlg invocation.

* Some items not respecting the commands being disabled (Anti-aliasing

checkbox is one, disabling that command doe not disable the control.)

* General dialog layout concerns

* No API to add custom pages and the like.

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