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MouseMove jitters

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I'm using the 6.2.1342 trial and am intercepting the mousedown/up/move 

commands to pass to my parent form for repositioning the chart. Mousedown

changes to move_mode; mousemove is sent to parent during move_mode; mouseup

cancels move_mode.

This works great for a simple single column series - smooth movements.

However, when I try a chart with two series after I mousedown and start

moving, I can stop moving (still mousedown) but I continue to get mousemove

events that are sometimes the same x,y and sometimes slightly different.

These continual mousemove events causes a terrible jittering around and even

happens if the chart is set to invisible.

Again, this does not occur on single series example. In both single and

double series, I used 3 simple data points like: {1,2,3} vs {1,2,3;4,5,6}

(entered via individual api calls setting simple numbers in loops).



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