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Chart FX 8 Legend Max Length limit??


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I have a legend for a chart that has a couple of legend entries of over 36 characters, but it seems the legend max character length is 34...

I suspect it is not an actual limit but perhaps constrained by the width of some part of the actual chart or such... Just not sure what needs to change to allow larger legend text.. 

Any ideas or suggestions??

HTML Markup

<ChartFX:Chart ID="Chart1" SkinID="horzbarchart" runat="server" LegendBox-Visible="True">

C# MarkUp


 Chart1.DataSourceSettings.DataSource = reverseSort;
            Chart1.AllSeries.Stacked = Stacked.Normal;



I put a xxxxyyyy string below each label that represents the max length.


The ones that are to long please shorten


  NEW LABEL  (Shorter)                                                =             OLD LABEL

Passed GED Test                                                           =             Passed GED Test [2]


Failed HSE Test                                                              =             Failed HSE Test  [3]


Enrolled but Not Complete                                        =             Enrolled but Not Complete          [4]


Ineligible for HSE or HSD program                            =             Ineligible for HSE or HSD program               [5]


Eligible but Not Enrolled                                             =             Eligible but Not Enrolled [6]


HSD or HSE Attained Elsewhere                                =             HSD or HSE Attained Elsewhere  [7]


HSE Certificate Awarded                                             =             HSE Certificate Awarded               [8]


HSD Graduate                                                                =             HSD Graduate    [9]


Enrolled in HSD-Not Complete                                  =             Enrolled in HSD program - Not Complete            [10]


Enrolled in HSE-Not Complete                                   =             Enrolled in HSE preparation program - Not Complete [11]


Enrolled in both HSD/HSE -Not Complete              =             Enrolled in both HSD and HSE programs - Not Complete             [12]


HSD Program Completed-Not Graduated              =  HSD Program Completed - Not Graduated               [13]


No information or no status                                      = No information or no status     [14]





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