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Guest Duke

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When trying to build and install the application we created with the new version, the following error occurred.
(This error has occurred from before Subscriptioin update.)

   Stopped working

   問題イベント名:    CLR20r3
   問題の署名 01:    oasisadmin.exe
   問題の署名 02:
   問題の署名 03:    5b177f8d
   問題の署名 04:    ChartFX.WinForms
   問題の署名 05:    7.0.4259.29043
   問題の署名 06:    4e5d514b
   問題の署名 07:    1406
   問題の署名 08:    600
   問題の署名 09:    System.ComponentModel.License
   OS バージョン:    6.1.7601.
   ロケール ID:    1041

Please pay attention to "7.0.4259.29043".
The version I installed is "7.0.4962.20751".
Also our application is written in C#.

Please tell us how we should solve this problem.
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