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Swapping Series with X-Axis Items , etc.

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Does anyone have code that allows them to perform "light" OLAP-like pivoting 

functions in the core ChartFx platform?

Unlike the SoftwareFx OLAP extension which connects to Microsoft Analysis

Services and can drill, pivot and aggregate, we are looking for code that

allows us to take the data vectors in a series (legend items) and swap them

with the x-axis items.

We have not thought through all of the implications or possibilities, but

would be curious to see if any code exists that would help us understand

what can be done and how much work is involved.

We have had several end user say, "love the chart, I just want the data

flipped". Hoping there is an easy path to add this type of functionality

without requiring the oveerhead of the OLAP Extension and Analysis Serv.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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