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Q's about Axis Scaling and using arrays


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I am updating a project that uses an open source chart package.The data sets in my app are getting huge, as much as 1E9 samples.Presently the chart package I am using clones the data sets which increases time and memory usage.1. Is there a point limit, other than windows limits, on the charts.Using X64 and .Net 4.5 I can create double arrays with 2^31 (2.14E9) data points. Will your charting library support arrays this big?2. Does your charting library use the existing double[] arrays as provided or does it copy the data for plotting, thus duplicating it?This feature will allow me to dynamically update the data and have the chart update at the next refresh.It will also eliminate overhead required to copy the data.3. Is it possible to scale the plots without modifying the provided data?For example: Suppose I have time based readings of temperature. Can I change the units form deg C to deg F without modifying the data?The easy solution is to scale the axis, not the data. For temperature the axis transform requires both scale and offset. That is, mx+b to be 5/9x + 32: Scale = .555, offset= 324. If I set the resolution of the chart to fit a bitmap of 900 x 400 pixels and I have a very large data set will your charting library avoid rewriting each pixel thousands of times so as to fit 1000's of data points onto a single pixel?This will improve performance for real time displays.5. Can I save the charts as PNG files?

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