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Zoomed lines, text in annot groups appear outside chart boundaries on screen, print, and metafile export

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I created a chart with annotation lines, arrows, and text grouped into

annotation groups.

When I zoom into a portion of the chart, the annotations extend beyond the

chart borders (axis limits) on screen. Copying to the clipboard (using the

toolbar) as a bitmap also shows the objects outside the chart borders

Copying to the clipboard as an enhanced metafile includes the annotation

objects that lie outside the zoom plot area. Their full extent is included

in the bounding area of the metafile, and I end up with objects off to the

sides or top way outside the chart itself.

I've attached three bitmaps from an example application (code attached as

form1.txt). The first shows the application window with zoom off. The second

is the chart zoomed in. The third is the result of pasting a metafile into

MSWord (v. 2002 sp1) with zoom off (top image) and on (bottom image).

It looks to me as if the annotation groups are being included in their

entirety in the copy to clipboard operation, instead of being clipped at the

chart zoom boundaries.

If I don't group the annotation objects, the first effect still occurs: they

overlap the axes' bounds upon zooming in. However, those that lie entirely

outside the axes' bounds are not copied into the metafile any longer.

Thanks for any feedback on how to get metafiles that reflect only what

appears on the chart.


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