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How saving custom + meta Map data ?

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(precisions of my previous question)


I've created a small winform application to test some Map functions.

I can now enumerate all the regions(countries), change their color, add

values and

link etc..

1- Can I and if Yes how can I save this modified map in a new SVG file ?

I tried to export the map (Map1.exportMap(Stream)) - > then I 've serialized

the stream to a file for the persistance -> then

I try to relad the map with a deserialization of the same file. The map is

the same but all the colors and meta data are gone.

2- Is it possible to Save the custom data too ?

I tried to export the custom data in XML with the exportformat.XML and it

works fine, but when I tried to reload the map with the inverse command

Import(exportformat.xml), the program crash with an string error.

3- How can I use the XML Export+Import methods in my programm ?

Thanks for help


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