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Lines between Points


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  • In my data source there are different locks like that


    Time   Val1   Val2 Val3

    08:00:01 1 2 3

    08:00:02 1   NULL   4

    08:00:03   2  NULL   1

    08:00:04   2   3 4


    In normal case I'll get in a line-chart two lines of Val1 and Val3 because there are Values to each timestamp.

    But for the Line of Val2 I'll get only two points.


    Is there a configuration, that I'll get a Line for Val2. That means that the chart plots a line from timestamp 08:00:01 to the next value taken at timestamp 08:00:04?



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Hello User92:You can use the InitializeHidden attribute to instruct the chart to intialize all non-initialized values to a hidden value. If the InitializeHidden attribute has been set to true, you can then use another attribute called InterpolateHidden, which instructs the chart to draw a connecting line over hidden data points. If the InterpolateHidden property is set to false, hidden points in the chart will result in a "broken" line in the chart. When set to true, the chart will connect the points thus preventing the broken line.Examples:Setting the non-initialized data to Hidden:chart1.Data.InitializeHidden = true;To instruct the chart to draw connection lines over hidden points:chart1.Data.InterpolateHidden = true;I hope this helps.Regards

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