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Charts no longer displaying in any browser


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Hello everyone,

     Honestly I am unsure how to explain the issue that I am having.  I have my object setup as follows when viewing the source of the webpage for this chart. 

 <OBJECT CLASSID="CLSID:21F49842-BFA9-11d2-A89C-00104B62BDDA" TYPE="application/x-oleobject" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="225" ID="Chart1" CODEBASE=/download/CfxIEAx.cab#Version=5,5,14,0>

<PARAM NAME="LICENSE" VALUE="/license/CfxIE.lic">

<PARAM NAME="DATAPATH" VALUE="/cfxtemp/CFT0930_15351737C.chw">


 Recently, and unexplainedly these charts stopped rendering in all browsers tested in.  In IE, i just receive a collapsed <div> with nothing in it, I receive no errors in the consoles of any browsers and in browsers that give me an empty placeholder i have the broken image with a "red x" in the corner.  I realistically have no idea what would cause any of this, and the articles I have been reading through have yet to help.

Any information that someone could provide would be great.

Thank you,

Nick G 

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