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First off - Confessions out of the way (I know JFreeChart reasonably well but its lack of Data Grids and seaigner makes it a looser at the start line)

I am looking to use Eclipse /Java to create an application to demonstrate the power of ChartFX in the context of our needs.

I want to use the designer to create base templates of the varius charts and then call this new App with a template name/data source to create an svg chart.

This new App will apply additional tweats based around the data scope that will drive the chart.

My trouble is that I cannot find any documentation that gives me a clue how i would approach this.

I have Eclipse with the chartfx 7 server jars and a main() but am struggling for info  beyond that.


Can anyone point me in the right direction with either documentation or a simple example?





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Hello Jan,

 After you install the trial (or the full software) a designer will be copied to  C:\Program Files\cfxjava7servertrial\designer\ (if you are running windows) or an equivalent path. Samples are also included, inside a war file (C:\Program Files\cfxjava7servertrial\war\CfxJava70_samples.war). Also, documetation is available online at http://support.softwarefx.com/Chart_FX_7_for_Java_Server. Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the advice - I have got further but alas not totally there.

I dont need the jsp environment so I am using new Chart() and importing from a template.

I have a trial licence issue where I get a 3000000 error in the PNG file where the chart should be. I have an extended lic and have put it just about everywhere but still get the 3000000 license error.

The other more confusing issue is how to get my test chart out in svg format.

Has anyone got any samples in java code (not jsp) or am I the only person not wanting jsp ? :-)



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Hi Andre, 

An essential requirement for the solution we need is Vector Chart format (SVG) so that we are able to process the chart's colors correctly at output time.

The application that I am trying to create would run on a cloud based server and would be called with a chart template and associated data. Its headless in the sense that my App has no UI but the caller would come from a Java/Flex initiator.

This App is intended to create the chart using the passed data + adding some custom modifications based on data shape and end up returning an SVG version to the caller.

I started looking at the desktop version but as it did not support SVG went directly to the Server version.

Are we saying that I cannot use the Java Server version as a desktop version (i.e, new Chart() and not new ChartServer(..) ) albeit ignoring a lot of functionality?

Are we saying that the SVG output is reliant on server mode so that it can Render the SVG?


Sorry about these seemingly strange questions but this has been a discovery path for me.





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