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Make tooltips not show on connecting line between markers.


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Hello Bowofolaf,

 Unfortunately this is not possible with the chart tooltips API. But it might be accomplishable.  First, make the mouse over property of all points call your js code.

chart1.AllSeries.Link.OnMouseOver =



Then, display your own tooltip using js:

<script type="text/javascript">function mouseover(item) {

if (item.shape == 'circle') {

//diplay tooltip code here



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The chart tooltip comes from the image map. chart1.AllSeries.Link.OnMouseOver changes the onmouseover event on the area of the image map. The tooltips changes the text property of the area of the image map (which most browsers use to display tooltip). So if you are going to use onmouseover, I would recommend that you turn off the chart tooltip.

Note: if your image marker is not circular, this might not work for you. Test the different markers and see what type of area they use on the source of the page.

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