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Is chartfx capable of exporting to vector EPS


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Sorry my question may of confused you so let me explain.


I love and have used ChartFX in a previous system where the rendering of a chart to SVG was our chosen format but in this project I need to get the chart rendered into a vector based EPS format.

I think you are saying that teh core ChartFX product does not support that so I wondered if you know of anyone using a third party to transform SVG to Vector EPS?


Sorry if i was noit clear








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Rendering as SVG is an option in Chart FX for Java Server, but not an option for exporting in Chart FX for Java Desktop. There is no way of exporting the chart as vectors. Out of relying on software that converts bitmaps into vector images (which I would not necessarily recommend), I am not sure how you would be able to accomplish this.

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