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Problem with different Operation Systems


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I have
installed a ChartFX license an operating system Windows XP, which generated a
graph using vb.net and show this in a PDF. In this case the graphs are
displayed correctly, correct size.

But to
generate this same chart on a Windows 7 32-bit, the graphics s is larger,
outside the range of measures indicated. This also for
operating systems Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2.

pdf_wrong.png image show the correct size of chart (green line) and the wrong size (red line).

The error
also occurs when printing, not only when generating a PDF.

I appreciate your help.


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To change the DPI of the chart you would need to create a Graphics object from a high resolution Bitmap and then use the Paint method to paint the chart to the Graphics. Here is the code you are looking for (for 300 DPI, for example).

Rectangle r = new Rectangle (0, 0, (chart1.Width * 300) / 96, (chart1.Height * 300) / 96); Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap (r.Width, r.Height); bmp.SetResolution(300, 300); Graphics g = Graphics .FromImage(bmp); chart1.Paint(g, r, PaintStyles .Background | PaintStyles .Border | PaintStyles .Print); bmp.Save( @"c:\temp\cfxdpi.bmp" ); g.Dispose(); bmp.Dispose();

You can save the file in different formats:

bmp.Save( @"c:\temp\cfx.jpg" , ImageFormat .Jpeg); bmp.Save( @"c:\temp\cfx.gif" , ImageFormat .Gif); bmp.Save( @"c:\temp\cfx.tif" , ImageFormat .Tiff);

 Then try printing the image file.

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