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Statistical Box Plot !

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Dear all

I see a example in resoucre center as bellow :

chart1.Data.Series = 4
chart1.Data.Points = 30
' Create the Statistics extension
' If the extension is created at design-time you don't need to create it here
Dim statistics1 As Statistical.Statistics
statistics1 = New Statistical.Statistics
statistics1.Chart = chart1
chart1.LegendBox.Visible = false
' Set the gallery to Box Plot

chart1.GalleryAttributes = statistics1.Gallery.BoxPlot 


 Now, i try code as bellow :

            Dim dt As DataTable = Get data from a table in sql

            Dim chartFX As New ChartFX.WebForms.Chart

            chartFX.Data.Series = 10

            chartFX.DataSource = dt

            Dim statistics1 As Statistical.Statistics

            statistics1 = New Statistical.Statistics

            statistics1.Gallery.BoxPlot.Notched = False

            statistics1.Chart = chartFX

            chartFX.LegendBox.Visible = False

            chartFX.GalleryAttributes = statistics1.Gallery.BoxPlot 

 But i can't monitor data by Box Plot because unsuccessful !

Pls, help me, how to set datasource for Box Plot graph from database

Thanks ! 

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Dir sir

if i set : chartFX.DataSource = dt then chartFX return for me a message "No data available"

But my datatable have 4000 record !

and after that i try remove line : chartFX.DataSource = dt

and replace by new line : chart1.Data.Points = 30 ==>OK

So i can not set datasource for chartFX when set type is  Box Plot

Pls help me ! 


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