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Where can I find documentation for the PGF XML Tag structure?


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We purchased PowerGadgets via ConnectSMART, and with it came a bunch of pre-populated gadgets.

In some of these gadgets, there are dynamic color-changing PowerShell if statements that write out to the Color property of the PowerGadget object. In order for this to work, however, the following code is required for this to function _without_ piping the data to out-gauge....

I find this method cleaner and requiring less files, however I can'f find any documentation anywhere on what the namespace should be for these XML tags. currently, when creating new gadgets, I need to copy and paste the XML from the gadget where this works into the gadget where it doesn't, and even more so, if I edit the file in PG Creator and then re-save, it strips this XML...

The XML Tag I'm talking about is this, found within the Tag near the end:





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