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We purchased another company that had generated some web pages do display some charts.  After looking at the code, it looks like they were using ChartFX 7 webforms.  I downloaded a trial and it started displaying charts with a message that the charts were generated using the trial version.  I recently purchased a production license as instructed by someone in the sales help online chat.  I downloaded and ran the .exe on the server.  It asked what websites in IIS it wanted to install for.  I selected my site and continued.  However, when I go to my pages like before, it's not showing the images.  I'm sure I'm missing a step somewhere, but I couldn't find a good set of install instructions to follow.  What's a good link for the installation of this product for a production server?

The pages I am trying to view are a virtual directory under the website.  So, I'm going to http://internaldomain/virtual-subdomain/page.aspx.  I notices that the install put "chartfx70" under "internaldomain".  Not sure if this is part of the problem. 

Finally, when I viewed the page source, I tracked down the image and where it was looking for it and it showed this source: "/internaldomain/WebResource.axd?d=qMkdzQvJv..."  I don't see WebResource.axd anywhere on that server. 

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