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After refreshing series data tooltip shows incorrect value


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I am using ChartFx 7 version on windows platform (win 7 64 bit).

When I refresh the chart series data and move the mouse pointer to any series point the tool tip shows the incorrect value.

I observed that the tool tip appears after refresh was the last tool tip showed before refresh the chart data.

I subscribed the GetTip event to show tool tip only when the mouse pointer points to series point. But still sometimes the tool tip appears in between two points (for line graph). The code sample -

void chart1_GetTip(object sender, ChartFX.WinForms.GetTipEventArgs e)


chart1.GetTip -= new ChartFX.WinForms.GetTipEventHandler(chart1_GetTip);

chart1.Points[e.Series, e.Point].Text = null;

if (e.Point >= 0 && e.HitType == HitType.Point)


string strXAxisLabel = chart1.AxisX.Title.Text;

string strXAxisValue = "";

double dblVal = chart1.Data[e.Series, e.Point];

chart1.Points[e.Series, e.Point].Text = strXAxisLabel + " Value : " + dblVal;


chart1.GetTip += new ChartFX.WinForms.GetTipEventHandler(chart1_GetTip);


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