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Error in label when highlighting an Axis


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I am currently working on implementing a .NET chart hosted in an MFC form view and I am having an issue with the label that pops up when hovering over an axis.  The text and the box that surrounds it are offset, as shown in the attached picture. 

I was unable to reproduce the issue in a sample application, so I was wondering if anyone could give me a hint as to where to investigate what could cause this problem.  At the least, I would like to know how to disable this highlighting effect without disabling highlighting elsewhere on the graph.


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 Is there any information about this tooltip?  I haven't found any documentation on how to modify or remove this specific tooltip.  Additionally, I've found that unlike the axis labels or the point labels, this tooltip is unaffected by an axis' scale unit.

For example. my data is stored with the x axis containing elapsed months, but I set the scale unit to 12 to show the data in elapsed years.  The X Axis labels correctly show the values by year instead of month.  If I hover over a point, the data point tooltip also correctly displays the value by years.  However, if I hover over the X Axis, it displays the value by years when setting up the highlighting.

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