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getHtmlTag does not return relative path anymore


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Hello guys,

we use ChartFX for a long time now and I recently needed to make some changes to the integration of the graphs in our webapplication. We have an asp file (VB) that builds the graph and calls the method getHtmlTag. In our old application we run some javascript that does the following:

form.target =  "graphframe"

form.action = "http:\\graphserver\epr.emrgraph.asp"


 this will load the asp page in one frame of the window and then return a path to the generated image called something like /ChartFXInt62/Temp/img.png

We want to get rid of the frames in this window because they make the application very inconvenient to use. I now changed the javascript code to something like this:

if (window.XMLHttpRequest) req new XMLHttpRequest();

if (window.ActiveXObject)  req new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");

req.onreadystatechange function() {loadingDone("http:\\graphserver\epr.emrgraph.asp", "graphDiv");};
req.open("GET", "
http:\\graphserver\epr.emrgraph.asp", true)

function loadingDone(url, target) {

if (req.readyState == 4) { // only if req is "loaded"

if (req.status == 200) {  document.getElementById(target).innerHTML req.responseText; } }

The image gets generated correctly on the graphserver but the path returned for the image is not relative anymore and looks something like this: http://applicationserver/ChartFXInt62/Temp/img.png

Is this related to the way I run the asp?


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