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I am using the financial component of ChartFX 7 in WebForms, but with a lot of data, and charging some analysis, this process is a bit stressfull for the explorer, and the time spent is very high.

There is more information about the problem:

* In winforms this problem doesn't happen

* I have a lot of data, it is from a web service, but the problem is drawing the graph.

* I'm using ChartFX 7 Trial version, I'll buy the component if it works well.



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 The first thing I would try would be using data compacting. In high density chart, some points are drawn on top of each other which slows down the chart and does not make any visual changes to it. Would that be a solution in your case? Here is the page from the Resource Center that explains Data Compacting:


If that does not solve the issue, let me know. There might be other things to try.

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Thanks for your quick answer,

I used data compacting, but the compacted data is reduced too much. This is what I did in the code.


//No compactation


//Is reduced too much


//The explorer doesn't charge the graph

Attached is some application code and images with my issues.


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 Hello Again


Aparently the main problem is in the tool tips of my graph. I did it for solve the problem.


Chart1.ImageSettings.ExcludeMarkersFromMap = true;


With this option, the performance of the graph is better, but unfortunatly I need the tooltips, or some title that show the info.

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That is great, thank you so much for that information. It seems then the issue is with Firefox rendering the img map (what creates the tooltips). I will speak to our developers and try to narrow down the issue further and find a solution. In average, how many points are you rendering on your chart?

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I have been trying to reproduce the issue without success. How many point does the chart have? Which gallery are you using? Do you have any Extensions in Firefox that might be causing the issue? Have you tried on a different machine, maybe with a fresh install of Firefox?

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 I got all the data values on a XML that I attach to this mail. I don't know how many points are exactly.

 The extentions that I have on Firefox are:

AVG Safe Search

Blank Canvas Signatures for Gmail 1.16.1

Java Console 6.0.25

The problem still happening only on Firefox 5.0. and only when I use a function like a Bollinger Band

So, I'm using financial  extention, you can see the code of my application that I attach too. If you need more information please tell me.



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Since I was not able to run your sample (I don't have access to your ServicioWeb), I have adapted your data to be used with the Financial sample that comes with the product. Could you give the attached sample a try and let me know how it behaves for you? I have tried with Firefox 5 and it works fine for me. If my application works for you, could you help me adapt your application to run on my side?

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