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Scaling graph with stacked graphs


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I got a question about scaling chartArea.If i got 2 series where one series is set to stacked and uses the first Y-axis, and the other is NotStacked and uses the second Yaxis.Then the chart area makes room for the total value of the 2 graphs. But shouldn't it be per. axis? So that is is possible to have stacked graphs using one axis and normal (line or step) graphs using another axis?

I have attacked a example illustrating it. It is the "TestChartScaling".

Shouldn't the stacked graph on the second axis fill the entire area? And the step graph? As they are using different axis.


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I think i finally figured this out..

By setting the stacked flag on the serie, the serie is stacked to the serie which was previously added to the chart.Even though the series cannot stack, because one is step and another is Area, The axis will scale the area as the series was stacked.This scaling does'n look for stacked series at the same axis, but only in the order in which they were added.If i change the order the series are added to the chart. It will scale correctly.  


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