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Point Labels -Show X value instead of Y


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From the Resource Center. You are looking for %x I believe:


    Variables can be accessed using the % following the variable you want to

    l Shows X-Axis Legend.

    k Shows X-Axis Key Legend.

    s Shows Series Legend.

    S Shows the Series Index.

    x Shows XValue (XY charts, when they were set with X values).

    i Shows IniValues (Gantt).

    v Shows Data Value.

    v <n> For types that require more than one series, these
    are replaced by the value of each one. (n represents an index).

    t Series Total (Sum of all points in this series).

    p Percentage of total this point represents (Pie).

    T Point Total (Sum of all series for this point).

    P Percentage of total this series represents (Used in stacked charts).

    X displays the marker X value for any chart type including those that
    do not support X values such as bar.

    N Shows the index for the point.

    L Shows the Content property
    of the Point object.


To use the PointLabel Format Property:

chart1.AllSeries.PointLabels.Format = "I'm point # %N";
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