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 We have had an issue come up recently where the datapoints on our line graph are not connected.  After spending many hours debugging and looking into this we can see no reason why the datapoints should not be connected.  The design pattern we are using is MVVM, so if we take this exact same view model and load it up on an almost identical different view (.xaml), all the lines show on the graph.  The datapoint series is using binding to get the points to show up on the graph.  If we debug using Visual Studio all the lines show up on the graph.  Only when we look at this particuluar view in Production do we see this problem.

 What further steps can we take to better debug this issue?  Do you support any additional logging with the control? 


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Are you sure the gallery is Line and not Scatter? Could you maybe be passing hidden points between every point (turning on the dataview would let you know for sure)? If that is the case you can connect the points by turning on interpolate.

chart.Data.InterpolateHidden = true;

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