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AxisX labels problems


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I have Bar Chart with 5 elements.

I'm "playing" with Staggered property according to chart's resizing, meaning, when chart's plot area is too small (height manner) i set 'Staggered' to false and when it is big enough i set it to true.

I have 2 question (which might have the same solution):

1. If the last bar (most right) holds long string (consisting of more than one word) it is chopped at the end. As you can see it looks like it reaches the end of the chart, why doesn't it wrap around to 2nd line?

2. When i'm resizing chart (width manner), the long strings display in a "wrap" way, meaning, if there is not enough "room" for the string, the last word is wrapped to a new line, this is a desired behavior by me, though the only thing is that i can't see the lower line, again it looks like it reaches the bottom of the chart... how can i make them to be fully displayed?

I search all over forum(s) and web, i read about 'LabelTrimming' (and of course used 'MaxSizePercentage') - it's not good for me since i must have LabelAngle=0.

I read about 'KeyLabels' and it's not good enough since it forces me to do the math for each label.

As you already read, i'm using 'Staggered' property and it is not good enough on certian sizes.

I would like to have one of the following solutions:

1. LabelTrimming for LabelAngle= 0 (if possible)

2. Word wrap behavior (as exist) but to have the ability to see the whole string and not only first line.

Can someone help me with that? did i miss some property needed to be set in order to get desired result?

I had attached an image displaying both problems, the upper chart displays word wrapping of the string "Allow remote control" - as you can see the word 'control' is missing and resides in lower line (which you can't read since it reaches chart's bottom).

The lower chart displays - "last bar label chopped" issue.

Thanks ahead,


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