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GetHtmlData returning void in asp.net-please help me.


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We are migrating asp files to aspx and we encountered a situation. Would like to know any one have any thoughts on this. 

As part of migration, ChartFX COM Components are being referenced from .net through Interop.

After the conversion of asp file to aspx, the method "GetHtmlData" in the of the ChartFX dll,is having a wrong return type, void.

In asp, this method is woking fine, as mentioned in the below code.

Response.Write chart.GetHtmlData("100%", "100%", "activeX")

but after the conversion ie.,

 Response.Write(chart.GetHtmlData("100%", "100%", "activeX")); --- here im getting an error, is there any alternate way to do this?? plz help me.

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