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display image when we move mouse over!


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Dear all!

I draw chart fx (Gallery.Lines) in Web.

Now, I want to display image when we move mouse over point.

who do you know about this problem? pls support for me.


Ps:/ I see some even as:





==> so, what do you meaning of all even?

Pls share data for me?

 Thank you very much!



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[color= #1f497d; mso-ansi-language: EN-US" lang=EN-US>Hi thanhtung<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


In the samples the chart is added to a <div> tag.  You can remove the chart and the code related to this chart.  Then, you can add you own static image.


Please note that, in the sample

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 thank you so much!

I still have a question!

As support, we must write code by script (java) to find mouse position then display image... ==> Write fix display image for one chart.

So, Can we write one function by vb.net to do it??

 We want to display image static for chart dynamic

>> Example: If I choose Male, it will display one chart, and we choose all (male and female), this form display two chart.

And, with one chart will have the property display other image when move the mouse....


function mousemove(e) {
  e = e || window.event;
  var divTag = $('<%=MyDiv.ClientID %>');

  if (topPosition == 0) {
  var chartTag = $('<%=Chart1.ClientID %>'); //  I want this chart is dynamic
  leftPosition = getXLocationFromBody(chartTag) + (chartTag.clientWidth / 2);
  topPosition = getYLocationFromBody(chartTag) + (chartTag.clientHeight / 2);

  var mouseXPosition = getMousePosX(e);
  var mouseYPosition = getMousePosY(e);

  var mouseX
  if (mouseXPosition > leftPosition)
  mouseX = mouseXPosition - 10;
  mouseX = mouseXPosition + 10;

  var mouseY
  if (mouseYPosition > topPosition)
  mouseY = mouseYPosition - 10;
  mouseY = mouseYPosition + 10;

  divTag.style.left = mouseX + "px";
  divTag.style.top = mouseY + "px";
  divTag.style.position = "absolute";

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