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Nagging antialiasing issue


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I have a bar chart that is using Conditional Attributes to color areas of the Chart. When the number of bars and the width hit a "sour spot" with respect to size, I get ugly antialias vertical white bar artifacts in the image. If the chart gets narrower they go away, if the chart gets wider, more and more of the bars appear equaly spaced among the real values. When the chart is wide enough, the individual bars are resolvable.

 I have verified that the data has no "0" values in it. I also checked the image-map overlay, and it has no "0" values in it either. Turning on/off the chart1.setAntialiasing() does not seem to have any noticable effect.

 This is being generated on OSX 10.6.5 with Netbeans 6.8

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