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Marker color and border color?


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Hello!  Newbie here.  I am plotting a scatter chart, where I want the marker's color and border color to indicate two different things (ie, I might want the marker "interior" color to be green, but the border color to be red).  However, changing the border color in the code does not seem to have any effect -- it appears that the border color is controlled by the marker "interior" color.  For example, the following code should give me a marker with a green interior fill and a red border, but it's just all green (in fact, the border is a slightly darker shade of green than the interior green):


chart.Points[x, y].Color = Color.Green;

chart.Points[x, y].Border.Color = Color.Red;

chart.Points[x, y].Border.Visible = true;


Any suggestions on how to control the marker border color?

Thanks in advance,

Mike Johnson


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Hello and welcome to the Software FX forums!

The markers have an Effect property, which is set to Darker by default. That makes the border a darker shade of the point color. Try setting the effect to None, as below (I increased the size of it all for visibility).

chart1.Points[0, 0].MarkerSize = 20;

chart1.Points[0, 0].Color = Color.Green;

chart1.Points[0, 0].Border.Color = Color.Red;

chart1.Points[0, 0].Border.Effect = BorderEffect.None;

chart1.Points[0, 0].Border.Width = 3;

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