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Muted colors in chart from Conditional Attribute


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I have added a few conditional attributes to a series in a plot and the colors I have assigned to them are coming out a bit darker than desired. Is there some filter I have to modify to get the exact colors?

ConditionalAttributes firstQuartile = new ConditionalAttributes();firstQuartile.getCondition().setFrom(0.0);firstQuartile.getCondition().setTo((int)(value * 0.25));firstQuartile.getCondition().setToOpen(false);firstQuartile.setText("0-25%-ile of sample");firstQuartile.setColor(colors.get05QuartileColor());// #89A45EchartServer.getConditionalAttributes().add(firstQuartile);

The expected color is #89A45E but renders out at #677B47. 

Is this a bug or feature? Do I need to set the color of the series before or something?

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 Problem solved on this one. Apparently the border around each box (defaulted to gray) was being dithered into the fill color when the number of boxes were high (~2000).

 The solution here was to just turn the visibility of the border off for each CondAttr.

I would like to request this be addressed by SoftwareFX.  Not as  a bug, but as an operational feature. Once some level is reached, the borders are no longer rendered.


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