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VS2010 - Designer not working for Charts


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I am a ChartFX user going back 8 years, and have a fair amount of experience using the widgets and the extensions.

I am running Win 7/64, VS2010. I have updated to the latest ChartFX 7.0.3754 build, and installed them with the 7.0.3754 installer, for a complete install, not a service pack update (which I tried first with the same issues). I have a DotNet 4.0 project. Here are my problems:

1) The chart object do not appear in the Toolbox, so I added them by doing a "Choose items..." -> Browse, and pointing at the specific assemblies in the /bin folder where they are located

2) Once I get them into the Toolbox, and drag a chart to be placed on a panel, the chart does a) no appear as a visual component, by rather lands on the bottom of the designer as a non-visual element, and B) the the chart object does not get connect into the panel.

3) If I hand wire the panel to hold a docked chart, it will appear in the designer and in the executing program, but it cannot be designed. It is effectively ignored as a visual component, and shops at the bottom of the area outside the designer.

This was just a trial to see if I could make it work, in an isolated project. I have a very large application with many charts, that I am trying to bring up in VS2010 with DotNet 4.0. None of the charts are available in the VS2010 designer when the "VS2010 tools v. 4.0", which is what you get with a converted .cproj.

Without being able to add or manipulate charts in the designer I am a bit stuck.

What am I missing?



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Hi pclem<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Please contact Software FX Support at suppot[at]softwarefxp[dot]com in order to receive the steps you need to follow in order to fix the issue you are facing.


When contacting our support department, please include a reference to current post and your product serial number.


Carlos Chaves

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