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Failed to map the path '/chartfx62/temp'.


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Please note Chart FX .NET 6.2 was designed for VS2003 but it works with VS2005 as well. Running the application from VS2005 will not work unless you have your application in IIS or having latest Service Pack of Visual Studio installed.

The problem is that Visual Studio 2005 has its own web server. Not IIS. When you run a webapp in VS2005, it runs on the internal web server.

There are two ways to make this work:

1) Go to the IIS, and convert your application to run as application and then access it without the port (in this case http://localhost/YourApplication/Default.aspx).


2) If the latest service pack of Visual Studio is installed. You could create a ChartFX62 folder inside the project, and a temp folder inside ChartFX62. Then, change the project's Virtual Path's to "/".

Note that if the Virtual Path property cannot be found it is because the latest service pack for Visual Studio 2005 is not installed.

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