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Best way to fix the AxisX and AxisY range?


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I have attached a datatable to the chart control. Datatable always contains one column "DateAxis" which is mapped as AxisX in chartControl. Then i add other series columns to the datatable. To display the correct XAxis value i add following two rows to the datatable.

DataRow rw = dtGraph.NewRow();rw["DateXAxis"] = 01/01/2010;  //for Min valuedtGraph.Rows.Add(rw);

rw = dtGraph.NewRow();rw["DateXAxis"] = 31/01/2010; //for Max valuedtGraph.Rows.Add(rw);

But if series values are available only for 15/01/2010 to 20/01/2010 then AxisX displays range for 15th to 20th. I need to display the AxisX range for 01 to 31 always. Do i need to plot some hidden point or any other suggestion to fix this issue.




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