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Drawing series that contains emty values?


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I would like to draw a chart that contains several series which have some empty values.

The empty value is not zero, but empty.


In case of bar chart, the bars that are empty value should not be shown.

Actually, it is possible to set the value to zero.


In case of line chart, however, the line should be drawn from value to next value, with skipping emty value.

That is, the line should not be dropped to zero, and should not be stopped at the empty values.

What I want to draw is, the line should skip the empty value and make a line to the next real value.


How can I draw a line chart like this that contains emty values?

I need help.

Thank you.



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I found a post that I have to bind several datatables as input data of the chart.



Then, how can I bind several datatables into a chart?

My datatables' colums are only "DateTime" and "DataValue".

I would like to use "DateTime" column for X-axis with DateTime format .


Thank you.



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