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How can I make the LINES invisible on a Lines chart? I just want the dots


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 I need to create a chart (of Gallery type Lines, not Scatter), where we see only the markers at each point.  I want the lines that connect the dots to be invisible.

I've tried setting the Line.Width to zero, and even -1, but that appears to be the same thing as a line width of 1.

I tried setting the color of the series to transparent, but that's not right:  the line's color is inherited from the series, and so the line turns invisible, but so do the dots.

There's no  System.Drawing.Drawing2D.DashStyle style of "Invisible" or "Blank".

I can't switch Gallery type to Scatter, because there may be multiple series on the same chart, and you can't mix Scatter and Lines.

Any suggestions?

Yeah, I know, I should just make them bars.  But that's not what the client wants. 


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Thanks for your comments. Yes, making the series a Scatter would definitely create a line chart with no line.  But my problem is that I can't use a scatter here:  I need to mix bar charts and line charts in the same chart. 

 Scatter and Bar are not permissible on the same chart (see http://community.softwarefx.com/forums/p/11048/27031.aspx#27031 ).  The values on the X Axis get jumbled up.

So I think I need a way to just hide the lines.


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