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Printing bug

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I have a chart that displays a user-adjustable number of points per page, N.

I've done this by calling SetScrollView to zoom the x-axis to show the

required number of points at once.

When the user prints the chart, I want the printed output to match the

screen, i.e. the chart is printed across multiple pages, with N points per

page. I have code that does this and everything works fine when I have 7 or

less points per page.

However, if I increase the number of points per page to 8 or more then the

printing goes wrong: N points are still printed per page but instead of

getting points 1 through N on the first page, N+1 through 2N on the second,

2N+1 through 3N on the third and so on, I get 1 through N on the first page,

then N/2 through N+N/2 on the second, N+1 through 2N on the third and so on.

I.e. each page is only half as further on through the data points as it

should be.

Hopefully this makes some sense. I have a attached a simple app that

demonstrates the problem and a data file to load into it. set the edit box

to the number of points per page and then click the "print .bin file"

button. for values <=7 it will work fine, >=8 it will go wrong. If you use

the "load .bin file" and print from the chart's context menu you'll see the

same problem in exhibited in a slightly different way.

I have tried to resolve the problem by various calls to Update(),

UpdateSizeNow() and ResetScale() but nothing seems to work.

Please Help!


Chris Seed.

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