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Issue with X-Axis Labels / Titles with 3D


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We have found an issue with the presentation of axis labels and titles in conjunction with 3D styles (zip file contains screen shots). 

Create a multi-series line chart (Chart_Sizing_01.jpg)

Change the gallery to a 3d Area style (Chart_Sizing_02.jpg)

Resize the chart slightly to make it bigger.  At this point the size of the rendered chart shrinks to make more space for the label text and axis titles (Chart_Sizing_03.jpg)

Eventually as you resize, the chart will be more balanced in it's space allocation between chart and text (Chart_Sizing_04.jpg)

Taking an extreme resize, by reducing the chart control to a small size (such as 1x1) and then gradually resizing the chart up again, it is possible to see that the text for axis titles are oriented wrong and the individual characters seem to be stacked on top of each other making the chart plot area extremely small. (Chart_Sizing_05.jpg)

These screen shots were taken using "3812", but the issue has existed for a long time prior to this version.


Paul Eden

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