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Z-Axis? Are these charts trully 3d?


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I've just downloaded the trial to evaluate the chart fx package for my companies charting needs.  I have a requirement to create both 2d and 3d charts, this charting package looks very impressive and at first glance I thought it would meet all my needs, but I cannot quickly see how to make a true 3d chart (with a z index).

So my question is - are these charts trully 3d, as in you can specifiy XYZ values?  Looking at the examples I cannot figure out how you set the z axis values, it looks like the '3d' is just making different series have different depths, not each individual point with a series. 

Specifically, I will be using this for scatter and bubble charts.  If anyone could provide a quick example if this is possible it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Unfortunately there is no support for the xyz charts. There is only support for xy charts and you are only able to pass x and y values to the chart. Although Chart FX allows you to set a 3D look to your bar charts, please note that it will always use two dimensional data (as 3D is a visual effect that can be turned off). A feature called clustering is indeed available in Chart FX (normally used in 3D bar charts), and this effect allows you to change your chart perspective so that the data is extended in the third dimension and it will be shown as clusters displayed in the foreground. This charting option is useful when Z-axis bars are hard to distinguish in standard bar formats. When you create a clustered bar chart, you need more than one series and each series occupies its own position along the Z-axis data.


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