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how to do Combination Charts?


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Each series exposes its own gallery property which allows you to define a gallery type for that particular series. 

Applying this property to a specific series will create a MultiType chart, where different Chart Types can be combined in the same chart.

You must be careful of the chart types you select to combine as not all of them will produce desirable results. For example, combining a chart that does not have numerical axis (e.g. Pie Chart) with a chart that has a numerical axis (e.g. Line Chart) will produce a chart that can't be read by the end user.

A rule of thumb is that you can combine axis charts with similar types and non-axis charts with similar types, as follows:

Axis Charts: Lines, Bar, Curve, Scatter, Area, Step, HiLowClose, Cube, Bubble, CandleStick, CurveArea, OpenHiLowClose, Pareto.

Non-axis charts: Pie, Radar, DoughNut, Pyramid

Note: Gantt, Surface and Contour can't be combined with other chart types

Please take a look at the following sample I have created for you:

chart1.Data.Series = 2;chart1.Data.Points = 10;

Random ran = new Random();for (int i = 0; i < chart1.Data.Series; i++){ for (int j = 0; j < chart1.Data.Points; j++)  {   chart1.Data[i, j] = ran.NextDouble() * 100; }}chart1.Series[0].Gallery = Gallery.Bar;chart1.Series[1].Gallery = Gallery.Lines;chart1.Series[1].BringToFront();


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