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Pie Charts all showing the same color and percentage


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The charts on this web page used to render correctly, which each graph showing distinct data.  I haven't made any changes to the code, and I've stepped through the code and it's properly loading the underlying data, yet the graphs load as shown here, with every graph showing the same set of colors and percentages.  Any ideas why?  Only this page on the site has this issue; graphs on other pages run properly.  I've recycled the PSS service, no change.

 Posted Image

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I have determined that chart.Data.Points is set to 10 as soon as the chart is created; we have code that expects to load up to four points, thus the data isn't getting loaded  (10 > MAXPOINTS, which is a constant set to 4).

The question now becomes, why are the charts being created by default with ten random points?  They didn't use to!

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I coded a work-around, resetting Data.Points to 0 in my AddPoints routine, if the existing Data.Points > MAXPOINTS. 

I still don't know why the charts suddenly started showing up with 10 predefined points, when they did not do this before, on initial instantiation.

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