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Realtime Chart Problems, I need help!


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I have created 3 Dataseries at runtime and wanted to fill the 3 series simultaneously every 3 seconds with data (Datetime, value). This is the code:


  int pointsCount = 0; DateTime todayDate = DateTime.Now; int nTotalPoints = 30; 

  //----Realtime settings   chart1.ExtraStyle &= ~ChartStyles.CacheImage;// Removing this flag is required to support Fast Scroll   chart1.Data.Points = nTotalPoints; // nTotalPoints = 30

  //3 series,  10 days, 1 point added everyday   chart1.RealTime.BufferSize =  (int) (DateTime.Now.AddDays(10).ToOADate() - DateTime.Now.ToOADate());   chart1.RealTime.Mode = RealTimeMode.Loop;   chart1.RealTime.LoopMarker.Color = Color.Red;     //---Axis-X settings   chart1.AxisX.Min = DateTime.Now.ToOADate();   chart1.AxisX.LabelsFormat.Format = AxisFormat.DateTime;   chart1.AxisX.Grids.Major.Visible = true;  

  //Axis-Y settings   chart1.AxisY.Step = 2;   chart1.AxisY.Min = 0;   chart1.AxisY.Max = 10;   chart1.UpdateSizeNow();

  private void timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (pointsCount < nTotalPoints - 2) pointsCount = anzahlPoints + 3;   else {   if (pointsCount == nTotalPoints) { chart1.RealTime.Mode = RealTimeMode.Scroll;   pointsCount = pointsCount+ 3;     }   }   chart1.RealTime.BeginAddData(3, RealTimeAction.Append);   chart1.Data.X[0, 0] = todayDate.ToOADate();   chart1.Data.Y[0, 0] = 5;   chart1.Data.X[1, 0] = todayDate.ToOADate();   chart1.Data.Y[1, 0] = 7;   chart1.Data.X[2, 0] = todayDate.ToOADate();   chart1.Data.Y[2, 0] = 9;   chart1.RealTime.EndAddData(true, true);   todayDate = todayDate.AddDays(1);   }


I'm not getting lines at the application start. After the third point, markers are linked successively in pairs.

My question:

- How to choose the right buffersize for Datetime-X-Values?

- How th show Datetime labels on the X-Axis?

- I want to reproduce the RealtimeCharts-Sample (no markers) with Datetime value, without knowing how many points I have in my Database?

Thank you in advance



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 More Information:

I want to update every 5 min 6 dataseries through adding one point to each one.

I have the following questions:

-how to choose the right buffer-size to have a chartview where, forexample the data of 1hour are plotted (corresponds to 60 min/5 min = 12points)

- how to choose the step of 5 min?

- How to display the first and last label on the X-Axis?

- I want the chart to still updated while resizing the window (not Throwing an Exception)

Thank you in Advance!



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