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I have a project that's about 5 years old that uses chartfx .net 6.2.  My project has a bin folder where I store my dlls.  That bin folder also has chartfx dll & xml files.  I recently installed the original chartfx .net 6.2 on my new machine.  But I'm receiving some type of license error. 

Could it be that I am receiving this error because my project is referencing the chartfx files in my bin folder and not from my machine that I recently installed chartfx?  Or can this cause some sort of conflict that disallows me to not see the graph?  Both my project's bin folder & machine reference the same versions so I would think that it should work.  But it's not....Any suggestions why this could be?

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When you install Chart FX, it records machine-specific information such as the IP and the MAC Address (and similar information). If more than one piece of information changes, the chart control may throw a license error. The invalid license error means there is a difference between machine information in registry and machine information extracted at runtime. For that reason, you need to reinstall the product.

You can download Chart FX 6.2 latest installer at the following link:


You may need to re-reference the Chart FX .dlls in your existing application. Please try removing all the Chart FX references from your project. Then please add them again. Make sure you add references with the same file version. Recompile your application, and the charts should be displaying without problem.

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