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Invalid ChartFX License 3100000


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I was researching online, but only found that this may be related to chartfx .NET 6.2.

 I got chartfx 6.2 installed & a valid license, but I get the error "InvalidChartFX License 3100000" on a webpage where the chart should be.  I'm not sure what could be causing this...I read some instances where this could be a Service Pack issue.  We have a service pack installed, but I'm not sure what this can be.

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No, you should not have any licensing issue as long as you completely uninstall Chart FX 6.2 and then reinstall.

You may need to re-reference the Chart FX .dlls in your existing application. Please try removing all the Chart FX references from your project, and then add them again. Make sure you add references with the same file version. Recompile your application, and the charts should be displaying without problem.

If you need further assistance, you can always contact our support staff at support[AT]softwarefx[DOT]com for more details.

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Uninstalling & reinstalling didn't help. I still get the error.  I didn't reboot during the process, maybe I should?  I've noticed that when I uninstall .NET 6.2, it is still in the registry under WOW6432node.  I don't see it under the hkey_local_machine/software/software fx, but i do see it under hkey_local_machine/software/wow6432node when it's uninstalled.  All the .Net 6.2 stuff are still located under wow6432node even though I uninstalled the product...Will I need to reboot?  I feel like it caches something in the registry that keeps giving me the error.  Could this be an issue?

 Thanks in advance & for helping out...

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