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Is it possible to move a series charted as a line in front of series charted as bars?


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I've seen that other versions of ChartFX have a function called SendToBack(), but I can't find anything like this for the COM version.  Is there any way to get line series in front of the bars?  I've tried adding the data for the line series before all other series, and after all other series, but that had no effect.

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Hi ari88

Unfortunately, Chart FX for COM 6.2 (both versions, Client Server 6.2 and Internet 6.2) does not contains any method that allow you to modify the order of the series.

I have created a sample code that shows you how to put the lines over the bars, please try at your side.

' Open the communication channel

Chart1.OpenData COD_Values, 2, 5

' Assign the values to the bars

Chart1.Value(0, 0) = 6

Chart1.Value(0, 1) = 7

Chart1.Value(0, 2) = 8

Chart1.Value(0, 3) = 9

Chart1.Value(0, 4) = 10

' Assign the values to the lines

Chart1.Value(1, 0) = 5

Chart1.Value(1, 1) = 5

Chart1.Value(1, 2) = 5

Chart1.Value(1, 3) = 5

Chart1.Value(1, 4) = 5

'Close the communication channel

Chart1.CloseData COD_Values

Chart1.Series(0).Gallery = Gallery_Bar

Chart1.Series(1).Gallery = Gallery_Lines

I am attaching an image of the output of this code. 

Carlos Chaves


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 Your example showed me what was wrong with how I was doing this: I was adding in the wrong order.  I was going point by point, adding to each series.  Changing my code to add series by series, and ordering the series correctly before putting the data in the chart fixed the issue.



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