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Attempting to combine scatter and bars


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I think the problem is related to the fact that you are creating an X/Y chart (using XValues). Please note that XY charts do not have a categorical axis. Both the X and Y axis become a numerical axis and, therefore, you can set any axes values such as minimum, maximum, step, logbase and other settings related to a numerical axis.

The problem is that due to its nature, X/Y charts do not support non-x/y galleries such as bar charts, gantt, etc (as these galleries use a categorical X axis). You can use X-Values only in some galleries such as LINES, AREA, CURVE, STEP, SCATTER, SURFACE, CONTOUR (which support a numerical X axis).

In the sample posted, you are attempting to create an X/Y chart by passing XValues, this means the X Axis will be a numerical Axis and for this reason you will not be able to use bars (as Bar is a non-x/y gallery). When this gallery is used in an X/Y chart, an unexpected behavior may be experienced.


Randy Jimenez

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